Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Hey Family!

I love y'all so much!! I hope you know that, and I hope y'all know how thankful I am for y'all!

This last week was pretty rough, no lie. We didn't get much sleep at all haha, lots of stuff to do on transfer week! and we got dropped by a few investigators (everyone that had a date for baptism dropped us), and we didn't have any dinners all week for some reason (the Young Single Adult wards are not always great with the meals, lots of students who are doing good to feed themselves!). But it's okay!!! The Lord always provides!

We've already met some new investigators, Fa and Melanie Tu'uhekautafa are their names. They're sisters, and we're excited to work with them :)

And we eat with the Tongans this week  (they eat with the English speaking YSA ward one week and then the Tongan ward the next week) plus Thanksgiving with the Balderas family, so I'm going to get plenty of food haha.  

Elder Chappell (Scottie's companion) with his late night snack!

When we eat with the Tongans, we're well fed. When we eat with the palagi (white) (by white - he means English speaking) ward...we have to go to drastic measures at 9:30 at night haha

I'm really looking forward to Thursday! I hope y'all know how thankful I am for everything you do for me. And even though I'll really miss y'all, it'll be the last time I miss thanksgiving
(he will be home this time next year)!! And I'll be with the Balderas family, which'll make things much better too. 

I'm happy and smiling. Elder Chappell is an incredible companion, and we're really loving serving together. It's like serving with a brother and best friend. Jarvis, Chappell, and I are going to be friends for life, they're awesome people. 

I see that you're in Disney World!! Have so much fun please :) I can't wait for that Christmas phone call so I can tell you all the stories of what's been going on. 

I love you! I'll email again next Monday and I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving :) Please send my love to everyone back home!

Love always, 


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