Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Scottie being Thankful with the Balderas

 Hey Family!!!!!

Life has been tooooo crazy lately haha. Elder Chappell (his companion) and I had been running on fumes so Thanksgiving was a very welcome break. 

We got up at 6:30 so we could go and play Turkey Bowl with the Balderas family at one of their friend's house in South Jordan. It was the most organized and epic Turkey Bowl Football I'd ever seen. They had the field painted and flags and a referee and an announcer there the whole time haha. It was way fun, and our team did well!! (Elder) Jarvis (his previous companion) got to come with us too so that made it even better. 

Thanksgiving Turkey Bowl!

We came home, then ate our first meal (lunch really) with the Roblyers (the Mission Executive Secretary couple). 

Scottie and the Roblyers

Thanksgiving lunch at the Roblyers

Then we chilled with them for a while, then I spent the whole night with the Balderas family. Chappell and Jarvis went and played basketball at the end of the night, and as much as I love Basketball, it was better to be with family (Balderas') that night. So it was awesome. Thanks for telling her I love mac and cheese! She made some and it really helped me feel like I was at home haha :) I loved it! I'll send you pictures from that!

Thanksgiving dinner with the Balderas Family

Elder Higgins!

The rest of the week, we did lots of teaching and finding and that was great!

We found one new investigator that started smoking while we were in their apartment, so we left their house smelling heavily of smoke. Not my favorite but we do what we have to do to go ahead and hasten the work!!

I got my new suits from Men's Warehouse also! They fit super well and I'm much happier now that I have nice clothing (the suits he left home with had gotten pretty worn out!). While being in the car ruins my cardiovascular endurance, I can wear nice clothes without getting them ruined which is nice! 

We'll be busy this week with Mission Leadership Council tomorrow (Elder Arnold of the 70 is coming) and then on Friday we'll have zone trainings. We usually get invited to train at all 7 of them, so we stay busy on Friday :)

Life is good! Thanks for sending the update and all the pictures, I read the whole update and saw all the pictures and loved them! Madre I hope you get to feeling better!!!!

P.S. Go Ga Tech!!!!! That's so awesome that the beat UGA at their home stadium #wreckthehedges

I love y'all so much! Thanks for everything you do for me, can't believe it's already December. May 5th (our officially announced date to go home for the missionaries that come out with me) is coming up sooo quick!

I'll send pictures soon :) 

Love y'all!!!!!


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