Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Elder Chappell, Elder Higgins, Elder Jarvis and Elder Rosdahl

Hey Family!!!!

This last week has been crazy, but here's a few highlights. 

The BOYS!!!! Passing over the 18 month mark, coming up on less than 6 months until that May 5th date. Craziness!!!! (All these Elders entered the mission field at the same time, they have become good friends!)

Scott, Elder Jarvis, Elder Chappell, Elder Rosdahl

We had Mission Leadership Council on Tuesday. It was my first time leading the meeting as an Assistant, so that was pretty interesting, but we think it went really well!

Tuesday night: it was the first time we were going to bed at 10:30 in like....5 weeks haha. We were literally crawling into bed....when the phone rings. President Swain: "Elders, I'm sorry, but I need you to go take care of an issue with a report I was supposed to get." We didn't have to do this report, but the missionary that was in charge did it incorrectly and thus, we went to fix it. Bed time--> 11:45. close to good sleep :)

Wednesday, we took a missionary to the airport...turns out, you can't park on the side of the drop-off lane...even for 5 minutes to run someone inside. The guy that wrote us the parking ticket said one of us should have stayed in the car, we tried to explain our mission rules that we have to stay with our companion...he said "I don't care" and walked away. Somebody didn't have "sunshine in his soul" that day haha. No worries, lesson learned and on to the next day :)

Saturday to Sunday was our stake conference, way cool experience! Turns out, a YSA (young single adult) stake conference focuses heavily on dating haha, which is comical from a missionary standpoint, but it's all good. There were plenty of spiritual messages too :)

Thanks again for the shoes! They're awesome. (His old ones were worn out so we sent him some new ones)

I love y'all tons! I hope your week is awesome, Christmas is rapidly approaching! Have a great week and we'll talk soon :) I love you all!

 I'm healthy! Mildly sleep deprived but healthy :) no worries, I'm smiling!

Morning exercise....usually doesn't happen. I wish we could do more, this week might be a bit calmer, but it's kind of rough to find time for that haha

I love you!


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