Monday, June 30, 2014

Scottie, Levi, Oliver (on lap) and Moises

Hola hola family!!!

This last week has been super busy and very crazy. Here's a few of the highlights. Also, we have our 2 year mission anniversary party this morning from 10 AM to 1 PM, (the Utah Salt Lake City West Mission was formed 2 years ago) so I won't be able to get to email until later in the afternoon. Just so you know :)

Tuesday 6/24/14:

Today was a pretty normal day, but the end of the night was pretty cool. We went to try and visit the Rodriguez family, but they weren't home, and as we were about to leave we saw this little old Mexican man
in his Mexico cap and jersey) pushing a janky looking shopping cart with a cooler inside of it, and it had a sign that said "raspados" (Spanish way of saying snow cones basically). We were hungry, so we went over, bought some (vanilla flavored), and we posted up on the Rodriguez family's porch to eat them. Then the Rodriguez family showed up! So we had an awesome lesson and got snow cones, not too shabby of an evening haha :)

Wednesday 6/25/14:

Crazy day today. I was on exchanges (where a companionship splits up and teams up with missionaries from another companionship) with Elder Hux in our area (he speaks ZERO
 Spanish, so I was on my own pretty much all day). We got a phone call early in the morning from Olga who needed some help so we spent a good part of the day trying to assist her and Edir (her husband).

Saturday 6/28/14:

Awesome day today!! Patricia and Ramon got married!! They've been waiting a long time for this step, and we're glad we could be there to support and help them. I'll send pictures, since they'll explain more
than my words could, but it was a super happy festival :)

I'm so sorry I won't have much time to chat, barely any, today has been nonstop. Mission party went until 3,'then we were going to bike to go shop but (Elder) Biggs (Scottie’s companion) forgot his bag (and our phone) so we had to go on a hunt to find that. Kind of hard without a phone or anything. We finally got it and biked to Winco to shop, but I'm pretty sure I've biked over 25 miles today and I'm just beat. Drop dead tired haha. 


1) Happy Anniversary :):):):):) y'all are the greatest example ever (our Anniversary was June 29th)

2) Happy 4th and early birthday to Padre (Scottie’s father’s birthday is actually July 4th!)

3) The frame works! As soon as you email a photo there, it shows up, it's so cool :) 

I love y'all!!! Glad to hear everyone had a good week last week! Y'all are literally the best family a kid could ask for, thank you so much for all that you do to love and support me.

Love always,


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