Monday, June 2, 2014

Lehi and Scottie (the Sanchez family's baby who was born premature)
Hey there family!! This last week has been full of excitement, things are going great!!

5/26/14 - Monday:
Today was a crazy busy P-Day
(preparation day). We got up at 6:10, started off with the Insanity Fit Test (new fitness program), then we spent two hours shoveling gravel and moving rocks for our stake president. We did a quick run to Wal Mart, then we emailed (they get to email once a week – on P-Day) and then went to P-Day activity for a bit. We played basketball for about 3 straight hours, and I was loving it!! I hadn't gotten to play basketball in a good little while. We then did some visits, then we got to start exchanges (where each member of the companionship teams up with a missionary from another compantionship). Elder Burgin (one of Scottie’s prior companion) came back with me into our area and that was awesome. I miss serving with Elder Burgin, he has definitely become one of my best friends in the mission field. We stayed up way late catching up with each other and telling funny stories, and it was great!

5/27/14 - Tuesday:
Another busy day. I was exhausted when I woke up at 6:10 to do Insanity, not much sleep, but it’s all good! I got it done, ate breakfast, and then we had a meeting in the mission office for all of the Spanish Speaking Missionaries. It was great, just to talk about some things that are particular to the Spanish program. Elder Biggs and I gave a training on Preach My Gospel chapter 7, which talks about learning your mission language. We felt it went really well, the assistants' exact words when they asked us to do it were: "Y'all both speak really good Spanish from what we hear....and you're white....soooo, wanna do it?" haha, love it. After the meeting, we had lunch, planned, visited people, had a quick dinner from Subway, and then we had an awesome lesson with Olga and Pres. Atwater
(Branch/congregation President), she's super ready for her baptism this Saturday! We headed back to the apartment, then talked about the exchange, and then we swapped off
(re-joined their original companions). I'm ready for some sleep!

5/28/14 - Wednesday:
Starting the day off at 6:10 again, another solid Insanity workout. We studied, got haircuts from a Hermana
(sister) in the branch, had a quick lunch and then we did District Leader Training meeting. We typed up and sent in some exchange reports and then we had an awesome dinner with the Marcelo family: a Peruvian dish called Causa. Then we taught Lilian, then I got to do a baptismal interview for a man named Senor Navarrete. He was super cool and it was a really powerful spirit in the interview, I was glad he picked me to do it. We taught Ramon with Levi, then we finished up for the night. We're staying so busy lately, the time is just flying!!

5/29/14 - Thursday:
Once again, another busy day today. Up at 6:10, it was the recovery workout for Insanity so it was a little easier on us, we enjoyed it. We had studies, then started our visits to weekly planning sessions. The zone seems to be doing well, so that's awesome. 3 baptisms lined up this weekend!! We had a single sister drop some dinero
(money) off for dinner, and we grabbed a burger from this place called Virg's. It was my cheat meal for the week: bacon and bleu burger, so good! We taught Olga and Edir again with Pepe and reviewed everything, she's beyond ready and just super solid. We worked out all the details to her baptism, then went to ask Pres. Atwater a question about it at the chapel, and since we were there and only had 15 minutes left of the night, the branch wanted us to play some volleyball with them and we did. Super fun!! Once again, I'm excited for sleep.

5/30/14 - Friday:
Awesome day today! Up at 6:10 for the Pure Cardio workout in Insanity, kicked our behinds. We studied, and then attended Elder McNeil's district meeting about commitments, it was way good. Also, I forgot to mention, Elder Russell (one of our AP's) is going home next week, so the new assistant was called: Elder Chappell. He came out with me and he's such a stud, he's going to do such a good job, he's a truly good guy. We had lunch after the meeting, then we did our weekly planning, and we got some really good stuff coming up in the future. We had dinner with la hermana Raquel Garcia, tacos dorados....tan ricos!!! Llenos de queso y servidos con sandía y una paleta de piña, it was amazing. We taught Tierrablanca, got another training assignment from the Assistants, and that was that!!  

Scottie and Elder Russell

5/31/14 - Saturday:
Today was so cool. We got up and did our Insanity workout, then we got ready, studied, then headed to the chapel to get everything set up for Olga's baptism. It went really well! Pepe and Hermana Nava gave the two little talks, her suegra (mother-in-law) bore a really good testimony, and her brother-in-law performed the baptism. It was wonderful! I'll send pictures, she was so happy!! Afterwards, we worked on the iPad training assignment we had, then we did some afternoon contacts. We made dinner ourselves in the apartment because our scheduled dinner was in Mexico haha, then we did more finding all evening and had a great visit with the Rodriguez family. The doctors said that their dad/the sister's husband was recovering remarkably fast from his stroke, just another testimony of the power of a priesthood blessing. We're excited to see how that family progresses!

Olga at her baptism

Scottie and Elder Biggs with Olga's family

6/1/14 - Sunday:
Wow, I can't believe it's already June! Craziness. We had a typical Sunday morning for the mission: wake up, study, meetings starting at 10:30 --> 12:30, church from 1 --> 4, and then another meeting from 4:15 --> 5:15 with the stake. We were stoked to see 7 investigators to
church today, things are blowing up in this area! We had an awesome and delicious dinner with our branch president and his family: salmon pie, it was pretty great, I had to control myself to not eat too much haha. We made a few more visits, came home, called in numbers from the
zone, and that's an end to an awesome week!

Love you always. 


(From his email to his Aunt Tammy):
Hey Aunt Tammy!!!

Your right, time is just flying by!!!

I can't even believe it's just one more week (his 20th birthday), kinda strange!! That's super kind of you Aunt Tammy, and I have heard of Spirulina, I heard it's supposed to be really healthy and I could definitely use some of that!
Word of the week: deportividad. It is the Spanish word for sportsmanship. Not exactly gospel related, but I learned it when talking about the World Cup with some people haha. It's super important to have good sportsmanship though, otherwise nobody wants to play with you. 

I love you Aunt Tammy, so very much! Email you next week :)



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