Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Happy 20th Birthday Elder Higgins!

June 9, 2014

Hey there family!!!

I love y'all so much, I can't even begin to express my gratitude and happiness towards y'all :):):)

Yeah, my long update may come late or next week haha, I had TONS of emails to respond to this week. (We did not receive a detailed update this week, but we did get to "chat" via email about his birthday and his bike wreck.)

So I wrecked pretty bad on my bike earlier this week. The day before I'd changed my back tire because it got popped and shredded, and the new outer part that I put on wasn't very good apparently. Riding back from insanity around 7 am on Wednesday, my bike tire slid and I fell hard. My right arm looks the worst because of the deep road rash, but my left palm is bruised deeply, right hip and right shoulder took a bruising, knees scuffed and I had a pretty good headache haha. But my helmet worked just like it was supposed to, and I know someone upstairs was looking out for me because I should've been way worse. And my face, even though it hit the ground, only got one little red dot. Last injury as a teenager (his 20th birthday was June 9th, a few days after this happened!) hahahaa, I'm all good though, no worries :) my scar even looks like a heart on my wrist...that's kinda fun right?

Heart-shaped scar!

I sent some picture, I was coming back from workouts so I was in workout clothes. The bike is fine, I'm good. But my shorts were somehow not ripped, even though the skin underneath was. They're indestructible, funny stuff :)

Road Rash!!

Bruised palm :-(


Thank you so much!!!! I am the luckiest kid in the world, but I know it's not really anything about luck, to have y'all as my family. I thought it might be hard not being with y'all on my birthday, but y'all have made it outstanding!!!

I even saw Kordon  (a family friend, and one of Scotties former Youth Leaders,  that now lives in Utah) this morning, he's a champion! And I'm currently smashing some of the caramel cake, thank you so so so much. It's amazing and reminds me of birthdays at home :):) (Kordon’s wife was kind enough to make Scottie’s favorite cake from the recipe I sent her and Kordon delivered it on his birthday, bright and early!)

Scottie and Elder Biggs with his birthday cake!

Transfer calls have been made, Elder Biggs and I will be together again for another transfer!

I got a ton of emails, family, friends, church friends, school friends, it's so cool :) thanks for reminding people, I know I wouldn't have heard from some of the, without that, so thank you! And I'm fine, really. Doing push-ups still hurts because my hands and wrists are sore, but nothing broken and I'm smiling :)

Some healthy food

More healthy food!

But thank you so much for what you sent! It made my week so special :) and I've lost enough weight to afford a little indulgence (We sent him barbeque from a place that we enjoyed a while back – Rendezvous, in Memphis)

Special delivery, a little BBQ!!

Ribs, pulled pork and baked beans!


After.... (with Elder Biggs)

I just want you to know how much I love and appreciate everything you did to make my birthday so special. It's been amazing, and I hope y'all know how much I love you, with all my heart :)

Today’s plans: we're actually going to leave in about 15 minutes for some basketball and missionary gatherings, so I'm excited for that :) You know I look forward to anything basketball, we don't get to play near enough for my liking haha
:) (They only get to play on the P-Days, once a week, this week his P-Day just happened to fall on his birthday!)

Hola Tía Tammy!!

20 years old!! I can't believe it, time is just a-flying out here. I feel like it was just yesterday when I was chilling as a little kid at Grandma's, where did the time go? And yes ma'am, I did get your boxes!! Thank you so much, the snacks and spirulina (a vitamin supplement she sent him) and everything are so cool. And that workout shirt was perfect, I wear it all the time now. And those electric blue elite socks are jammin, I'll be wearing them to P-Day for sure!

My favorite thing on the mission so far is just being able to meet so many people and hear their stories and just see how much of a potential we have to change our lives if we put our trust in The Lord. And wow, that was so cool to see your message! En serio tía Tammy, te amo tanto y espero que sepas que siempre estoy pensando en ustedes. No sabes cuan importante es, para mí, tener una familia increíble como ustedes. No puedo esperar para verlos cuando estoy terminado con la misión!! (Seriously Aunt Tammy, I love you so much and I hope you know that I am always thinking of you. You don't know how important is, for me, to have an amazing family like you. Can't wait to see them when I'm finished with the mission!)

Thank you so much for your presents, it was so kind!!

Birthday P-Day today: woke up, worked out, went shopping, ate some cake, and we're about to go meet up with a bunch of missionaries and get some ball going, so I'm super pumped :)

Word of the week: legado, it means legacy or heritage, depending on how it is used. Its cool think that we all leave behind a legacy, I want to work hard every day to make sure I leave behind a good one :)

I love you Aunt Tammy, thanks again!!!


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