Thursday, August 1, 2013

Scottie at the Jordan River Temple


So last week on Pioneer Day we started the day off with that parade and it was really awesome, everyone on the floats kept waiving at us because we're missionaries haha. Walking down SLC (Salt Lake City) in Pros clothes (white shirt with a tie and dark pants) is borderline like being a super hero, everyone knows who you are and most people like us. Every once in a while some lunatic will yell that he's the Messiah and he will curse us to the ends of the Earth (true story, that was a weird walk). The view from Ensign's Peak was beyond incredible, we could see everything. 

Scottie at Ensign's Peak

Scottie and his Companion: Elder Richardson

We've been staying really busy, we got to go to the Jordan River temple this morning and that was an amazing experience. (see photo at the top of the page)

We've been eating so good, we had some amazing chicken and rice from Hermana Saavedra last night, and fresh guacamole and tortillas. I was stuffed, and I even made French toast for myself the other morning. I'm the only one out of the 4 of us in the apartment that still wakes up to exercise every morning, but I like it so I don't mind. 

I started reading the Our Heritage missionary library book, I've learned some awesome things about Church history that actually come in really handy when we're teaching and visiting with people. 

We visited a family last week that had a weird looking statue in the middle of the room and the guy told us it was la Santa Muerte...translated that means Saint of Death....aka the Devil. This guy literally worships the devil and told us he prays to Satan to get things he wants. He told us he really wasn't interested in our message, so we left him with a prayer and got out of there asap. Hopefully he'll realize that devil worship is probably not the best path in life. 

We met a new investigator from Juahaca, Mexico yesterday so that was awesome. One of my favorite passages in the Book Of Mormon is 2 Nephi: 31 because it explains the gospel of Jesucristo (Jesus Christ) so well, I've definitely learned so much since I got here.Link to 2 Nephi Chapter 31

This last Sunday was super busy too: I gave a talk in Sacrament Meeting about missionary work, and I spoke for 20 minutes in pure Spanish and I think it went really well. My Spanish is already so much better than when I started my mission. Then I got the chance to teach Sunday School; class members included the Branch President and Patriarch so that put a little pressure on. Then we taught Young Men's and by 12 o clock I was feeling pretty accomplished, even though we had a full day still ahead of us. (Our Sunday meetings are 3 hours: Sacrament Meeting followed by Sunday School ending with Auxiliary Group Meetings; his assigned congregation meets from 9:00 to Noon)  I love staying busy out here, it means we're working hard. 

I'm trying to eat healthier. For lunch today I ate: a plum, 2 apricots, grapes, cherries, and a pear. This lady dropped off fruit; we were trying to not let it go too bad haha.  I eat (dinner) with the Spanish branch, that's an everyday kinda thing!

It's a bit tough being so far away, but I'm trying to serve in a way that would make my family and Heavenly Father proud of me!  I know I'm in the right place. It gets easier every day as I see more and more miracles and I pray for you and all my friends back home every day. 

P-day is back to Mondays until something else weird comes up, but that's a plus! Only a couple of days till Monday :) I love you!



Parade photos:

Deiter F. Uchtdorf, Second Councelor in the Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Service Day:

Scottie Hauling chicken poop!

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