Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Elder Higgins 1st Baptism

L-R: Elder Richardson, Branch Mission Leader, Salinas Family, Scottie, Family Friends


I hope you're doing well today, I've had so much stuff happen this last week, and it’s been a real blessing. We got to baptize the Salinas Family: Alejandro (dad), Alejandra (mom), Leslie (daughter 12) and Kadisha (daughter 10). It was an amazing experience, and we had so much support from the branch (Spanish speaking congregation that Scottie is currently assigned to) here. Almost the entire branch showed up, only a handful of people were missing. It was like 100 people, I was amazed and the Spirit was so strong. I got to do baptisms and confirmations in Spanish, which was slightly nerve-wracking because it had to be exactly right but it went really well! After the baptism on Saturday the Lopez family had everyone over to their house for a big celebration: we had Posole (pah-so-lay) which is like awesome chicken soup stuff. 

Earlier in the week we got to eat with a family that cooked us Peruvian food: chicken and this egg/olive/lettuce salad with huancaĆ­na sauce, which is spicy. It was delicious, and that family was super funny too. 

We are continuing to teach Mathan and that's going pretty well but last night we found out he's actually really big on all of them. That was unfortunate because he's a really good guy, but that stuff is going to destroy his body. Hopefully we can work on that. 

The branch here is awesome, and they have really welcomed me and Elder Richardson. I feel like they're all really nice and they just feed us so much. Because Rich (Elder Richardson) is going home, they keep feeding us like multiple dinners a night. Yesterday, I felt like I was going to explode. I've never eaten that much, we ate a meal every 2 hours 3 times. It was rough haha. 

We just learned that we're getting iPads next week! Our mission will be the first one in the entire world where every missionary gets an iPad. (Scottie’s mission, Salt Lake City West, is used as a pilot mission for some new programs)  I'll learn more next week but that's kind of exciting! And I hear that iPhones are next, how cool is that? (All technology used in the mission field is strictly for missionary work and not social purposes, he will still only get to email friends and family once a week!)

I love y'all, I hope the girls are doing well and that starting school is going well for them too! I know that's never fun compared to summer, but hopefully they have good teachers and classes and friends and all that! 

I get a new companion tomorrow, Elder Burgin (I found out last night). He's supposedly a pretty cool guy, so I'm excited to work with him! I'll let you know how it goes. I will continue to be in the same area and same branch which is good, I love this branch.

My plans for today: help Richardson pack haha! (Elder Richardson goes home tomorrow having completed his two-year mission).

Thank you so much for the package, I loved the grits!  Nobody here knew what they were. 

I also did a bunch of family history this past week, I hope that you can go on and see. I found some really cool things in Ohio marriage licenses and US Census reports!

We have now been to Temple Square twice. Once with the Salinas family, then again with Jason and Angelica. We didn't take any pictures though, wish we would have with the Salinas family, but we'll go back again soon and then we'll try and get more pictures. We were just focused on the lesson. 

It is pretty warm here, still 100+ some days. I've heard it's rained like every day since May 1st in Georgia!

Hey I have to go! Have a great week :)



French Toast he cooked for himself!

Venezuelan Candy Bar that he really liked!

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