Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Scotties email for this week. He is mostly responding to a lot of questions I send him in my email!

So I'll try to respond to as much as I can haha, if I miss a pertinent question, just let me know :)

So I can't tell you how much I appreciate your emails. And the package! Thanks so much, it was awesome to get that stuff.

My fast went well  (in our church the first Sunday of the month is set aside to fast and pray and contribute the money for the missed meals to a fund to help with those in need), I prayed hard and really felt the spirit.

I also got to bless the sacrament, bear my testimony, and teach sunday school all in Spanish yesterday, so that was pretty awesome. The Spanish Branch isn't huge in Magna, so we're called on for a lot. Next week I get to translate!! I'm excited. I will translate from Spanish on the pulpit to english for the few gringos in the crowd haha.

The pool and fireworks look awesome too! (I emailed him a few photos of our 4th of July celebration at his grandparent’s house)

I bought some sausage and english muffins today so I can make the good stuff tomorrow :) Thanks for the Old English Cheese :) (I sent him the cheese and the recipe for one of his favorite breakfast dishes)

Oh man, as a missionary I can't tell you how much they appreciate you feeding them. I thank you, for them. (this was his response to me telling him that we were feeding four of our local missionaries dinner)

Fun story: this past Saturday some of the guys from the Spanish ward of the church out here and my companion and I went to an older ladies house for a service project. We tore down an old fence, and built two more around her house (2 sections). This is what church service projects are like at home: lots of planning, safety goggles and gloves, everyone kinda teeters about for a while before it gets going, a few people do most of the planning and work.

What service is like when you are working with 6 dudes who all work construction professionally: no safety equipment, no gloves, everyone yelling and joking in Spanish, they tore the old fence down in approximately 23 seconds with shovels, crowbars, pickaxes, and old boards (whatever they could find). They were holding 2x4's in the air with one hand and using circular saws to make precise, perfect cuts with the other one. They were pulling nails and screws out of their pockets that seemed to just appear. They had perfect hammer swings, never saw anyone miss. They mixed concrete like magicians, measured things by eye sight perfectly, and it was literally the coolest thing i've ever seen. I kinda wanted to just join a construction crew for a day or two. The new fence looks gorgeous too, these guys know what they're doing!

So i was in casual clothes, no worries (which is good, kinda got cement on my jeans , I was looking authentic). (he is referring to how he was dressed for the service project)

Hermano Mejia took some pictures, maybe he'll send them to me somehow.

Exercise: I'm doing abridged p90x (which was officially banned in our mission 2 months back because some elders were going too hard haha).

The bed isn't super comfortable, but I don't want you sending anything just yet, maybe I can figure something else out.

I'll get a bike next week, until then we walk and get rides from members.

I mostly do cereal and eggs and toast for breakfast, we get all of our dinners (from area church members who sign up to feed them), sandwiches and mac and cheese for lunch, and tomorrow I'm making the good stuff. (the recipe I sent!)

I think, if I understand correctly, that I'll be in this apartment for the next 11 weeks or so (12 weeks of training total so I think that's how it works).

I go to ward and missionary correlation (planning meetings for the congregation and overall missionary planning for the local area), everything in Spanish.

Please pray for Eva, and also for Matan (mah-tahn) y Oram (horam without the h) that they can feel the spirit and know that our message is true.


Scottie and his companion (Elder Richardson) studying

Scottie entering his new apartment for the 1st time!

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