Monday, July 15, 2013

First hair cut!

It is pretty hot out there!

Scottie's email home this week!

I hope you know that I love you all so much and appreciate your packages, emails, and my frisbee. That was an awesome package to get for sure, we'll be using it later today. 

This week was crazy busy, full of a ton of spiritual experiences but also plenty of other shenanigans. For sure haha.

There's a guy here named Carlos, he's 28 and works construction and goes out with us a lot. He's the coolest guy ever, he's a really good missionary and teacher still and he is so knowledgeable about construction. Elder Richardson and I practice our Spanish by having him explain how to build walls and pour concrete and all sorts of tiling and stuff like that. He's so cool. 

I'm glad Padre spent all that time explaining all of the grid system in Utah to me (how the roads are named), because I use it like crazy when we're walking around and visiting families. I know our area really well now, Elder Richardson is a great teacher and puts me in charge of almost everything so I have to learn to do it myself. Sometimes it's hard understanding Spanish people through the phone, because a thick accent + phone distortion is tough sometimes. But I love it, I've learned so much Spanish. 

We did more service this last Saturday, we put in insulation and sheet rock in a house that had burned down. 

We're staying super busy, its way hot (110 degrees in the days, it was 104 when we were walking home 2 nights ago) and so it keeps us good and fried out here. But I'm really starting to get to know some people here, makes the work easier. 

Here are some pics of the mountains where we serve, the first haircut of my mission (this morning, a really nice lady did it for free because we're missionaries haha, and all the random language Books of Mormons we found in the closet in our apartment. 

Love you all,


Mountains in his Mission area

Look at all the languages!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! That is yucky hot!! He sounds good. I love my emails from him :)