Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Scottie was able to email us on the Fourth of July, such an unexpected treat! It was extra special because it was his Father's birthday. He started off by sending a picture of his "Zone" at the MTC all together that he had received by email. Here is what he had to say:


Hey :) I hope you're doing well. So I'm so crazy overwhelmed with how busy the past 3 days have been. Here are some highlights. 

My new companion is named Elder Richardson. He's from Ontario, he's district leader, and he's been here for a while....23 MONTHS! So I'm the last companion he'll ever have, that's kinda cool since he's my first (in the mission field). I hear the only reason they put almost-gone missionaries with a new kid like me is to prepare me for a leadership calling, so that could be interesting in the future. 

Our apartment is pretty good, it's actually a lot nicer than a lot of the other areas around us. We do go all the way out to Kinnecot like when we drove, I'm in the Magna Stake for this transfer. 

We have P-Day today because it's the fourth of July so that's fun, I went shopping, got some food and laundry stuff. We get 100 dollars a month for all of our food, haircuts, supply needs, so I was buying the cheapest brands haha. I'm gonna miss Tropicana and Ben and Jerry's. 

We've stayed really busy and I'm picking up on the Spanish well, I can't believe how fast time is flying though. Staying this busy, you definitely barely have time to think.

I will be on a bike, my regular P-Day will be Mondays (today was weird because of 4th of July activities). 

We saw a parade this morning and we'll probably go to a Member's party tonight and get food and such, which would be fun!

The building right next to our apartments is English wards (congregations), we go to a building down the road that's got the Spanish branch (a smaller congregation). 

On Sundays, my companion and I serve as translators in that branch! How cool is that? 



P.S. Happy 4th of July!

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