Thursday, October 16, 2014

Oct. 14th

Hola Family!

Here is my official mission newsletter announcement as AP :)

Elder Higgins is a new AP!

So today, we didn't get a P-Day,  this is a week where we won't get one (now that he is an AP – Assistant to the President – his P-days will not always come regularly, depending on what needs to be done in the mission office) . We have 1 hour of "free-time" today, and we have to go shopping too. much easier with a car though! (As an AP he now has a car for the first time since he has been out on his mission)

We've stayed so busy this last week. We've been super busy over here. We haven't gotten back to our apartment before midnight once this last week, there's always so much to do! And we started our mission tour today, so Elder Arnold of the First Quorum of the Seventy (a General Authority of the church) was here to speak to our mission and Elder Chappell (Scottie’s companion) and I were in charge of setting up everything, getting mics, projectors, chairs and tables setup, everything. We had to conduct ( lead the meetings where Elder Arnold was speaking), slightly nerve-wracking when there's a General Authority staring at you haha. But today's meeting went well, just have to worry about Tuesday and Wednesday now. It is kind of cool driving again, no lie, I like that part. 

I'm happy and healthy though. Slightly sleep-deprived, but it comes with the job :) maybe I can take a nap after mission tour is over on Wednesday :) 

I got congratulated by a member of the 70 today and that was kind of cool! He told me and Chappell we did a good job setting everything up, it felt kind of good, because we lost lots of sleep over it :)

I’ll try to send some pics of a cool experience we had this last week, but until then, I love y'all and I can't wait to email with you next week :)

We went downtown to pick up our iPhone 5, an upgrade from the four we have currently, and this was inside the Missionary Department of the Church Office Building. That's 350 broken iPads from all over the world, that missionaries send in because they broke them. That's why missionaries in the future have to buy their own!

What happens when a missionary falls off his bike...And then lands on his iPad. No worries, it wasn't me, but thisiPad is destroyed

Thanks for being the best and most supportive family ever!

My new apartment seems great, the bed is decently comfortable.  Ha-ha we come in, fall asleep, wake up,  shower, get dressed, and leave. I am barely here :) 

Elder Chappell is amazing. I came out (from the MTC: Missionary Training Center) with him too, so we've been buddies up until now, and now we're just meshing and working hard and doing good work. I love serving with him, 

Our eating consists of lots of fast food and skipped meals (they are now over 2 Young Single Adult Wards so not many family meals). Not super healthy. We did get some bomb dinners from the Tongan ward though, and they always give us left overs, so we eat that lots too :)



(From his email to his Aunt Tammy): 
Hey Aunt Tammy!!

This last week has been crazy busy! I loved driving again, and yes ma'am, all in English (As an AP he is no longer serving in Spanish Speaking congregations). My companion speaks Spanish, so I can keep it up somewhat by talking to him :) Being assistant is very fun. It's super intense and I feel like I'll learn and grow a lot. I will probably not get transferred anymore, not 100% positive, but it looks like this is my last area!

Spanish word of the week: obediencia. Its obedience haha, just like it sounds. But we've been learning tons about that in the mission, especially focusing on Mosiah 2:41. Great stuff!

Love you!


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