Wednesday, August 13, 2014

(We didn't get a long update for 2 weeks - but we did get some photos and some brief emails!!)

Missionaries after District Meeting

8/5 - Hey! Yesterday, we got caught in a crazy rain storm. My iPad got wet and water inside it.  I'm still trying to dry it in rice, it's acting up a bit. I should be email a bit soon though! I love you all :)

Trash Bag Ponchos - after the 1st rain!

We left a house, and it was sunny. By the time we got to the next house, we were completely soaked.  Literally, I could pour water out of my shoes. iPad, wallet, phone, everything was soaked!

After the 2nd Rain!

I love y'all!

8/6) - We went to the temple today, it was an awesome experience!

The Temple Crew!

Hopefully next week I won't have technical difficulties haha, dumb rain

Y'all are the best family ever :)

I'm happy and safe and healthy.

I'll try and send a long update tonight if I can! (a long update never came – so he must not have been able to!)

Till next week :)

Love always,


8/11 - Hey, sorry, we just got home. Crazy day so far. We went to the zoo for p-day (preparation day) activity....not my favorite haha. Not the best zoo but it was good company, so I'm happy :) how are y'all?. I miss and love everyone so much!

They borrowed the Senior Missionary's motorized scooter at the zoo!

This was Elder Steffensen's and my reaction to whoever chose zoo day haha:

The zoo, really?!?

My iPad is working mostly perfectly! a few pixels are discolored, but it works fine now.

I'll try and work on a long update :) (also never got a long update for this week :-) !) but I did take pictures at the zoo and I sent a bunch of pictures just now.

Always makes me think of that story of when the bird scared me when I was a kid haha (we went to a "Birds of Prey" show when he was younger and a very large bird came after him!)

Memories - at the Birds of Prey show!

I'm really loving my mission right now, it's the best area with the best companion surrounded by the best people.

This is Elder Duke. He goes back home to Arizona this weekend, this was the last chance I was going to have to see him, figured we should get a good picture together.

Elders Duke and Higgins

I'm still in the process of the bike sitation. I'm riding a borrowed one for now. They said it would be like 250 bucks to fix mine (since the front fork broke and that's really expensive, and not something I could just do myself). I'm gonna find a better solution though, that's a waste of money when I don't have enough time left on the mission that I'll be using a bike (i've still got winter coming up) (they don't get to ride the bikes once is starts to snow).

Hermano de Alba offered a solution for his broken bike!

Sorry, we got to run! Gotta grab a quick bite to eat before our first lesson tonight.

But I love you so much and I'm so thankful that we were able to chat (via email) for a bit! Hopefully you got all the pictures I sent and I hope you know that I think of y'all all the time! Can't wait to email next week :)

Love always,


(From his email to his Aunt Tammy):

(8/11)Hey Aunt Tammy!!

Sorry I couldn't respond last week, I bet my mom told you that my ipad was slightly water-logged haha...crazy rain here lately. But it seems to be working well now :)

I'm glad to hear that you and the family are doing well!

A yard sale seems like a good idea! Aunt Tammy, I'm really excited that I'll be able to come and visit more often when y'all move to GA, I miss you so much. I really can't tell you how much I appreciate your constant support and love, you're awesome!

In the particular area where I am, they don't really have farmer's market. They might in the bigger cities, but West Valley is pretty devoid of that haha. Several Latino markets though! And that is really cool, I loved going to see the things like that in Atlanta when I was at Tech. 

New words:

Talacha - arduous work. Sometimes, it's the talacha that gets us through and gets us moving forward. 

Echale ganas - it's a phrase to say "keep it going, keep working hard." We all need to echarle ganas, and that's what brings the success :)

Tia Tammy, I love you bunches and just can't wait to see you again. Know that you're loved and constantly in my prayers. 


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