Thursday, April 3, 2014

Scottie and his companion - Elder Chavez

This last week has been super fun and full of good experiences.

Monday 3/17/14:
Today was a pretty solid first P-Day (preparation day, they get one day a week to take care of shopping, laundry, email, recreation etc.) in the new area. We all got together as a zone and played basketball, soccer, and ultimate
4-square (with 9 squares). It was tons of fun, and this seems like an awesome district to be in. Later that night I got your package, so thank you so so so much for that! The card was awesome, and I loved the Thin Mints, they were delicious, and my apartment mates say thank you as well haha :)

Tuesday 3/18/14:
Pretty normal day today. We got up, studied, and then I had a bunch of forms and paperwork to do as a district leader. The new stake president wants us to break our key indicator lessons (lessons, new
investigators, etc.) up by zone, and then turn them in that way. That's a crazy task, but after some number manipulation and lots of calling people in the district we got it done. We had a nice dinner with the Perdomo family, then we went out with Nolberto Reyes and taught Angeles Gomez the plan of salvation lesson, which was great! She seemed really impressed by it, so that's awesome!

Wednesday 3/19/14:
Wow I can't believe that I hit 9 months today (9 months since he entered the MTC on June 19th) time is flying like crazy! We got up, had solid studies, and then walked 16 blocks over to the Broadway building for District Leader Training. (He and his companion can’t use bikes because his companion is in a sling due to a broken clavicle).  Elders Ulu'ave and Driscoll had some good stuff to share, and then we walked back home. We made some contacts, had dinner with the Saldana family, and then walked over to the trailer park. We taught this guy from Acapulca, Mexico named Jorge Renteria, and he was awesome to meet and talk to, really cool guy. We're excited to start working with him.

Elder Ulu'ave (6'6" and 270 lbs) on a little toy horse :)

Thursday 3/20/14:
Today was great! We started out with workouts and studies, then Elder Jacobson came over (other District Leader in the zone). Yesterday, we got a text saying all Zone Leaders, District Leaders, and Sister Training leaders had to be at the Peachwood building tomorrow for a special meeting. Kind of strange. Then this morning we got a text from the AP's (assistants to the President of the Mission) saying we had to bike there if at all Jacobson and I got on bikes and biked the 7 miles over to the meeting. It turned out to just be a big pump-up, pep-talk kind of meeting from Pres. Swain to figure out what we can do as leadership to help the mission progress even faster. There's going to be a lot of changes coming soon too (a lot of leaders and solid missionaries go home in the April transfer, so we're  just trying to make sure the mission keeps going well and gets even better. It was a spiritual nuclear bomb of a meeting, and we left with tons of ideas for how we can improve. We biked back home, and then we got back in time to head over to dinner. Then Elder Chavez (his companion) and I hit up some referrals, taught the awesome Valencia family, and then called it a night. It was good stuff :)

Friday 3/21/14:
Good day today, but way too much food. Bro. Christensen, the guy we live with, took us to Kneader's for breakfast (since we cleaned his house so well this last P-Day, he was pleased :). Kneaders has $5
all-you-can-eat French toast, so we dominated that for a while. Each slice was about 2.5 inches thick and massive....and I ate 4 haha. Stomach was killing me. We had district meeting and I did a training on the Atonement and applying it to our lives and our teaching, then we had Domino's pizza as a district for lunch. Then we had weekly planning (different schedule because of that meeting yesterday), and then we had Correlation meeting with Hermano Baquerizo (the Ward – congregation – mission leader), then a great lesson with the Chiriboga family. Life is good!

Saturday 3/22/14:
Awesome but tiring day today! For the first time in a long time, since there's nicer weather, we had service! We went to the Ord family's home (Elders Ulu'ave, Driscoll, Chavez and I and Sisters Unga and
Ashcroft) and we cut branches off a tree for him, dug out a pathway, placed about 50 concrete pavers down, and helped him move some dirt around with a wheelbarrow. It was awesome, and they fed us a great lunch afterwards. During the night, we went out with Sergio Lopez and contacted a bunch of referrals, and then we had a great visit with the Recinos family. It was good!

Sunday 3/23/14:
Today was incredible. We started off fasting, as a zone, for the ability to find more investigators in the area. We went to church and that was really good, I really like the ward (congregation) we're in. After a great Elders quorum class and Gospel Principles class, we went over to Hermano Baquerizo's house for lunch. Oh. My. Goodness. That man is a hero. He cooked a ton of food, first off, and what he cooked was even better: barbeque. Not Mexican barbacoa, but like legit, down-South barbeque. Hermano Baquerizo used to have a restaurant so he's a great chef, and the food was incredible. I'll send pics. We invited our investigator family over too, and they loved the food and conversation. 

His fabulous BBQ lunch!

After, we visited with the Ojeda family and then went to a fireside by Elder Franco from the 70 (part of the church general leadership) he talked about the principles of the Gospel and missionary work, it was way good. We went home, called in all the district numbers, and we're excited for the new week. I'm loving this area, Elder Chavez is an incredible companion, and I'm happy for sure :) I love y'all, hope all is good back home!!

Hey, I have to run, but thanks so much for chatting with me!! (We get to email back and forth if I can catch him online on his P-Days – such a blessing!)  I love you tons, can't wait for next week :):):) know that y'all are always in my thoughts!


(from his email to his Aunt Tammy):
Hey Tia Tammy!!!

 I love you so much Tia Tammy, my new area is way cool and we're loving it out here. Elder Chavez is a total homie, I love serving with him (my new comp). We're getting along so well.

 Word of the week: diligencia - diligence. It's an important aspect in any part of life in order to keep moving forward, progress towards goals, and learn while growing. I'm really learning the importance of it out here :)



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