Wednesday, April 23, 2014

La familia Quiroz

Hola Family!! This last week has been crazy busy and full of exciting news. Highlight of the week: I'm getting transferred again!! I'll be heading over to the Granger North Stake, where I'll be serving as a Zone Leader with Elder Biggs (they have been companions before). I'm so excited :)

Monday 4/14/14:

Today was a sweet P-Day. We had our zone P-Day/outdoor sports day, and the food was amazing and we had so much fun. And we had a bunch of people there. Afterwards, Bro. Christiansen (the guy we live with) cooked us another barbecue to welcome the summer, so it was awesome. We had tons of fun!

Tuesday 4/15/14:

Today was a legit day. We started off the day on exchanges (they switch companions with another set of missionaries), Elder Stimpson came with me into my area. We had a busy afternoon dropping things off for other missionaries and doing online reports, then we had a really cool dinner with the Stansfield family (the guy was wearing an Atlanta Braves hat, so we got along well haha). We went out with Hermano Reyes and had a great night visiting Lupe, Angeles Gomez, and the Bahena family. Then we got home just in time to see Elders Ulu'ave and Driscoll getting to our house. Ulu has 'outgoing missionary day' on Wednesday, so they spent the night at our house so  (Elder)Driscoll could stay with us
(missionaries must always be with at least one other missionary if their companion is not available). We ordered pizza, and had a great scare on Elder Chavez when he got home (all 4 of us hid in the bathroom in the shower with the curtain closed, and then when Chavez had closed the door we jumped out. It was hilarious!). I'm glad they're our zone leaders, they're great examples but they know how to have fun too, which is important!

Wednesday 4/16/14:

Today we started off on exchanges, Chavez and I with Driscoll in his area. We went out to Magna to try and visit some of his people out there, ate at this place called Mesquite for lunch, then we came back and we taught a kid named Mikey. The Brickey's
(senior missionaries for their mission) picked up Driscoll, and Chavez and I continued on as normal, visiting a few people after dinner. Good day overall.

Thursday 4/17/14:

Another good day. We got up, worked out, studied, and then I had District Leader Training at 10:30. We talked about conversion and it was a good opportunity for me to reflect and think how much my conversion has grown throughout my life; thanks for getting me started :) We had weekly planning, and the Assistants even showed up and talked with us for a while, giving us some tips that were super helpful. We had dinner with the Flandro family, then we had a productive night visiting with the Garcia and Recinos families. Good night!

Friday 4/18/14:

Today was a tiring but super good and spiritual day. I got up and ran with Brooks outside in the cul-de-sac, then showered, read the Book of Mormon, and finished planning for district meeting. I trained on conversion today, both in ourselves and in those we teach. Some members of the district shared their conversion stories, and it was a great spiritual experience and I think we all learned pretty well from it. We came home, I did some exchange reports and online stuff, then we had dinner with the Palma family from Honduras; they made us "baleadas", super good food. Then, Hermano Baquerizo dropped me off with Elders Chappell and Campos, because I was supposed to do a baptismal interview with them. When their guy got there, he didn't feel ready, and we ended up having an hour and a half long power lesson, it was so cool. I look up to Chappell and Campos a ton, and I hope I get to serve with them someday. It was so cool to get to teach with them even for a little bit though. Then we had a super powerful lesson (Chavez and I) with Hermano Chiriboga. We talked about the Savior, and when I was bearing my testimony of Him I could just feel His love, and I was crying and it was a powerful experience for sure.  I truly appreciated the opportunity to share my love for the Savior in that moment.

Saturday 4/19/14:

10 months! And it sure was an eventful day to match that. We got up and had a really good workout, then studies, then this massive Easter egg war in our apartment (throwing the plastic eggs at each other), it was so much fun haha. Then we headed over to the Rojas family's house and had a farewell BBQ for Ulu
(Elder Ulu'ave, the Zone Leader who is leaving because he has completed his mission), then Chavez and I stuck around and taught and visited them for a bit (they're less active). Funniest thing ever, I got a nice Nike black sports jacket when Hermana Rojas said she was going to throw it away because, and I quote, "it looks too Mexican on my husband, but you're white so you should be fine." I'll take it haha :) Then we had dinner, a few visits at night, and then we got home. We were standing in Kelly's (the owner of the house where he is currently living) kitchen around 9:30 and we felt the small earthquake that occurred here, which was weird. 

We thought we were safe from transfers because we hadn't gotten a call...then we got one at 10:25.  I'm going to head over to Granger North to be a Zone Leader with Elder Biggs! It's so funny that I'm serving with Biggs again, that'll be so cool. I'm not looking forward to packing all my stuff up again, but it'll be such a good experience. I'm happy that I'll be able to serve and learn even more.  I'll let you know what all that entails when I learn more :) I don't know details on my new area at all yet, but I will by next week (we'll learn this upcoming Tuesday). Thankfully I'll be serving in one of 2 Spanish speaking ZL (zone leader) positions, so that's fortunate, because I love the Spanish program.  Elder Biggs! We get to serve together again, I'm pretty pumped :)

Scottie, Elder Chavez and the Rojas Family

Sunday 4/20/14:

Happy Easter! Today was a beautiful Easter Sunday. We got up, went to church, and then after church the Rojas family invited us over to their Easter family event...which was BBQ ribs and chicken and an Easter egg hunt, so we had a ton of fun. They're one of the families that I'm really going to miss in this area, they’re awesome! Then we came back, and spent the night visiting families that we wanted to say goodbye to, including the Hardy family. They're so kind and they made us an awesome dessert called ├ęclair pie. It was so cool to see them, and we shared an Easter message and it was great. We came home, got numbers together, and then it was time to start packing!

The Hardy Family with Elders Ulu'ave, Higgins and Chavez

Love you always, 


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