Tuesday, June 25, 2013

First email, June 25, 2013:

Elder Higgins first email, June 25, 2013:

So I finally got to my 'p' day (preparation day). Please excuse my typos, the keyboards are awful and it's very difficult to type without making mistakes. But I'm just glad to get the chance, I miss you guys so much. The first couple of nights it was kind of tough, but I have great teachers, an amazing district, and the coolest companion ever. His name is Elder Budding, he's from Orem but he was born in Argentina so he speaks Spanish like a champ. My district has just us two elders and 6 hermanas *(sisters), everyone is a native speaker except me. And the other district in our zone has 3 elders and 3 hermanas (all native speakers). It's kind of cool to get compliments from them on my Spanish though. Some people thought I had Spanish speaking parents, that was a confidence boost.

 Every day here is SOOOO busy. Literally, 6am to 10;30 or later if we're having additional tasks is so busy and there isn't any free time, every second is scheduled. It's amazing though to be here. I already know that my Spanish has improved, I've given several prayers, testimonies, and sang some Spanish Himnos. It's awesome to be in a place were everyone is so excited and willing to serve. I got to see Kyle earlier, I ran into Jeff and Michael Angell, and I've gotten to see Gino a few times. Everything has been a little weird because like half of the buildings are closed because the 1st Presidency and 12 and mission presidents have training, That includes the Gym, so I haven't gotten to play any basketball yet haha. Just some soccer, and we're not allowed to play ultimate but I threw a Frisbee some.

The second night we were here, Elder Budding and I got called as both the zone leaders AND district leaders. SO that has been kind of a crazy, like we have additional tasks but it's such a blessing. I'm so happy to be able to serve with Elder Budding, he's HILARIOUS and the nicest guy, we get along so well. We read so many scriptures and manuals and things here. I got the Scriptures, a ton of manuals, and the preach my gospel again in Spanish, so I have some extra copies to have haha.

 I take the train from Provo to Salt Lake City, Utah next Tuesday so that is really exciting to be able to know that I'm already halfway done with my stay here. Today was P-Day, so we started with going to the Provo Temple  (very beautiful temple) and now I'm about to do laundry. I have such limited time to email and respond to you guys, I'm trying to get through all my thoughts. Everything will be much calmer and easy in the field I think, here's there's 3600 missionaries and it's so crowded and busy so I'm just excited to get everything started. My first teacher, Hermano Wilkes, is from Utah and served his mission in Dominican Republic. Heramana Caseras, my other teacher, is from Mexico and served in Chapatas, Mexico. So they are both incredible at Spanish and teaching in Spanish. I cannot believe how well some people that said they were like, typical farm kids in Oklahoma, can speak Spanish after 2 years. That's really exciting for me. I love the elders and sisters in my district, they are all so cool and have to much to teach and share with me. The food is kinda rough, when we first got here over 40+ people had food poisoning from some enchiladas. There's also a gastro-intestinal thing going around, I've seen lots of throwing up in the bathroom. Luckily we're staying decently healthy. A sister in our zone got really bad strep throat, but the coolest thing was that I was able to give her a blessing with Elder Budding. It was a spiritually powerful moment.  I cannot believe how busy they've kept us.

I want you to know that I love you all so much. I'm thriving here even though I cannot explain how much i miss my family and friends back home. It's good to have Elder Budding though, we're both mamas boys haha. It's really neat to see all the testimonies and things like that here, the broadcast  Sunday was very powerful and I learned a lot.  I love you all so much, I miss you. I sleep well because I'm so tired, even though the sheets here are legitimately like plastic tarps. I woke up with a nosebleed around one night, I guess I'm still adjusting with all the dryness out here. But that Tide to go stick got all of the blood out!!! I'm feeling really blessed and I have a ton of spirit with me here. I love you all so much, and I can't tell you how thankful I am for everything you did for me.




  1. Thanks for sharing Traci! I emailed too. I figured he would be busy.

    I will send written mail so maybe at night he can read it.

    Love you!


  2. He sounds so excited. Glad that he is enjoying himself. :)